niall: the second
"When I was a child, I prayed to God for a bike. I soon realized that He didn't work that way; so I stole a bike and prayed for His forgiveness."

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i woke up at 4 this morning from a nightmare of you. 

i’m so happy i can start to forget you. 

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Alex Strohl

things i learned this week:
1. i need to workout harder, yesterday’s paddle was the hardest thing I’ve done in awhile, though i got out, i need to be in better shape
2. i have a lot of qualities and talents that make me an individual- something that can’t be replicated.
that, to me, is important. anyone can work in a business, crunch numbers, etc. not everyone can produce
3. girls think i’m “cool” and “handsome” sadly they don’t know I’m a noodle that likes anime hahaha but hey good shit
4. if i wanted to, i could be a manwhore

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Martin Sharp, These Are The Days My Friends, OZ Magazine, September, 1968
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